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Germination Kit | 1020 Tray + Humidity Dome | 3 Pack

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Get the right seedling starter 1020 tray and humidity domes so that your seeds can get the best possible start. If you are looking for microgreens growing trays, nursery tray, window tray, seedling tray, or just gardening supplies, then this is the kit for you!


What you are getting?

  • 3 Heavy Duty 1020 Seed Starter Trays (no drain holes)

  • 3 Humidity Domes


Why choose a Germination Kit?

  • STOP DROPPING SEEDLINGS: you won't have to worry about dropping your seedlings when you use our plant starter trays! You can safely transport your small seed starter pots because they fit perfectly inside our seed starter trays.

  • ACCELERATE GROWTH: our plant starter trays create the ideal growth conditions for your seeds, ensuring germination success and increased growth speed in your seed starter trays.

  • MAINTAIN CONTROL: humidity domes let you regulate the temperature and humidity of your seedling tray environment, so you have total control of the growing process.