Start Your Garden at Any Time of the Year!

Whether its hot & sweaty or cold & miserable outside, before you write off growing plants from seeds a lost spring luxury, starting an indoor garden can be a great way to keep your home fresh all year long!


Tip #1: Seed Starting Potting Mixture

Using seeds to start your garden is a great way to grow what you want indoors in any season.  The trick to successfully starting the seeds is to use a seed starter mix, which will contain the perfect nutrient concentration for your seeds.  The easiest answer to this is using a soil pellet, just adding a bit of water, and you are good to go.


Tip #2: Water Your Soil, Not Your Seeds

Rather than watering your seeds after you plant them, a better approach is to water the soil before you plant the seeds.  This will ensure that the water does not displace your seed to deeply into the soil.


Tip #3: Airflow & Sunlight

If not properly managed, you seed soil mix can act as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and other pathogens.  These guys love growing in dark, moist areas, so be sure to not overwater your seeds and keep them in a location with good airflow and a bit of sunlight.  Near a window is PERFECT!


Tip #4: Cover Your Seeds With Glad Wrap

Since seeds don’t respond well to a constantly changing environment, a great idea is to cover your planted seeds with glad wrap to help keep the moisture and humidity at more consistent levels.  Check regularly, and it is even a good idea to remove the plastic covering for a little bit of time each day to allow for some air ventilation.  As soon as the seeds germinate, you can remove the plastic cover completely.


Tip #5: Keep Them Warm

Making sure your seeds are warm is crucial for successful germination, so keeping them near a sunny window in a heated home, or even on top of the refrigerator will give them a bit more warmth.

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